This is my first post on my very first blog so please be gentle with me! Why am I now blogging when there are squizillions of people already doing it and some very good ones ( you know who!) blogging passionately and eloquently about making their own bread.

Well a few days ago I happened to remark in a tweet (yes I am a tweeter) that I didn’t have a blog and almost before I could press return I received a quick fire salvo of tweets saying I should become a blogger.

So here I am! What Am I going to blog about? probably my adventures in bread making (the clues in the title) one year from when it all started and then as I get the hang of it and learn how to take good photos and upload them, themes relating to food, Italy and life as a 50 year old dad!

Anyway that’s all for now but just a quick thank you  to Zeb Bakes,  Fig and lime Cordial and Azelia’s Kitchen all of who bake beautiful bread and write so eloquently about how they do it and have set the bar for me to aim for.

A few example of my successes and failures!