Staright out of the oven!

Yes I know I have played fast and loose with the title of this recipe but otherwise the alliteration wouldn’t have worked.

As I have mentioned before caking  baking isn’t really my thing  but if  the other recipes in Short and Sweet  are as easy and delicious as this one then I’m a convert.

The recipe was extremely straightforward, a classic combo of  unctuous wet ingredients (Muscovado sugar, butter, milk, eggs, and golden syrup) and unusual dry ingredients ( rye flour, apples and cinnamon). When it came to the apple I went for a particular favourite of mine, Egremont Russet,  a crisp, tangy  tasting dessert apple which is particularly nice.

My tin selection wasn’t quite on the money with the result that there was a bit of an overflow during baking:

A bit of a tight squeeze!

However I can only describe the end result as delicious and the whole cake was demolished by the four of  us in a matter of minutes.

The crunchiness of the almonds and  demerara combined really well with the rye, apple and cinnamon to produce a cake of the highest order.

Yes, on the face of it it may appear simple but the baking alchemy that takes place produces a lovely cake.

Crunchy loveliness