A thing of great beauty

I have always enjoyed a good sausage roll but finding a good one is like locating the proverbial needle in the haystack. Either the meat or the pastry are simply not up to scratch.

However I have never had the courage to have a go and make my own. Until now that is. This weeks S&T challenge saw a choice of either Chorizo & tomato tarts or Hot crust sausage rolls.  Much to my surprise the people that count opted for the latter so with a sense of trepidation I plunged into the world of puff pastry.

I knew that I would probably end up eating most of them if the chilli flakes and sweet paprika were included so when my eye caught sight of a bowl of windfall cooking apples in the kitchen I knew I had found my alternative.

The pastry went all according to plan although the amount of butter seemed alarming to begin with.

2 1/2 hours later 9 sticky,  glistening sausage rolls were gently cooling  on the work top. Having started late in the day the planned roast pheasant dinner was put on hold and a simple repast of warm, delicious, sausage rolls was enjoyed by one and all especially my 7 year old who despite  her size, greedily polished off 2 1/2 of these!

Are they cool enough to eat yet?