Icing Madness!

As soon as  January’s schedule for Short and Tweet baking challenge went on the fridge there was only going to be one thing that that was going to be baked this week.

The coconut milk layer cake and saffron peach cake never stood a chance once my 7 year old saw those magic words, “The Alchemist’s chocolate cake“.

With a twinkle in her eye and a smile that lit up the room Annie announced “let’s make the Aclamist’s chocolate cake”

So on a quiet Saturday day afternoon that’s just what we did.

As our endeavours took shape  and chocolate started to cover everything, my apprentice marvelled at the various stages of the process as the ingredients were brought together in a variety of steps including. whisking, blending and mixing.

The dark, unctuous mixture brought initial oohs and aahs of approval, although on tasting my young helper informed me that she wasn’t that keen on dark chocolate. I assured her that the final result would be delicious (don’t let me down Dan!) and on observing the cake  decoration in the book  I perhaps rashly said that she could decorate it.

As the cake baked the kitchen filled with the heady aroma of the fruit of  Theobroma cacao and although there was a variation in colour across the cake and a certain amount of surface cracking, we were both pretty please with the final result.

When it came to the icing  Mum stepped in as the veteran of countless birthday cakes etc. and provided technical guidance and support where needed.  A mixture of icing sugar water and good old Cadbury’s drinking chocolate produced the icing and although Mum demonstrated a swirl pattern this was quickly dismissed by the apprentice and her older sister who decided to get in on the act!

Creative Icing!

Yes a  rather rather higgledy piggledy end result but all good practise in terms of hand/eye co-ordination!

The end result was slightly underdone ( I must learn to be more patient) and the apprentice realised after tasting the end result that she still really wasn’t a cake person!

Maybe I’ll have better luck with the 10 year old!