Short & Tweet soft white bap

So after all sorts of cake, biscuit and other forms of baking over the holiday period I thought I’d better start posting about bread.

Week 11 of Short and Tweet saw the baking of these rather impressive rolls/baps/buns which I have baked before using one of Dan’s Guardian recipes and as before they seem to turn out with a firmer , bun like structure rather than the softness you’d associate with baps.

But apart from this they looked very impressive and I went for 12 x 120gm baps as we’re a family of 4 and they were still pretty substantial!

In addition to these I also had a crack at the excellent Weekend Bakers Fluitje with Spelt loaves which had caught my eye on Twitter a couple of weeks ago.

The recipe was straightforward, It allowed me to use my Rye sourdough  starter and included the use of  Spelt.

Everything seemed t go well up until the shaping stage when some rather over enthusiastic shaping meant that I ended up with something more akin to baguettes rather than  batards! This lead to rather a challenge in getting them into the oven, the end result being rather serpentine in nature.

Fluitje Serpents - a clean blade make all the difference

Not only did they look amazing they tasted good as well and one promptly disappeared in double quick time with bowls of freshly made Minestrone.

Thank you Ed and Marieke for this excellent recipe which will become a regular on the baking rota in our house.

A perfect accompaniment to Minestrone!

The last bread in this post which admittedly I baked some time ago was the intriguingly name Black Bread.

This is another recipe from Short & Sweet and when it caught my eye I couldn’t wait to give it a go. The ingredients covered every shade of the darkest brown and black (coffee granules, cacao powder and black treacle). I omitted the fennel & caraway seed which would clearly put it in the savoury category which was confirmed by the taste of the loaf which wasn’t to everyone’s liking but bizarrely it seemed to go really well with a spread of nutella!

Dark wholesomeness

Quite a cross section of breads to learn and master and that is without even mentioning my signature Challah  Loaf but I’ll save that for another day!